A Desparate Dialogue

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Green bowl, open your clam shell
I am in desperate hour

Go ahead, do it yourself, unfortunately
I have no power

Much thanks. Oh! But what is this?
Stains of yellow dot your seat

Blame that loose lover of yours
Such inaccuracy is no mean feat

I told him oft to put the seat down!
I told him good and angry

Well, not good enough, evidently
The smell has made me cranky

Well here you go! A wash should do
To leave you fresh and clean

Oh wonderful, but what’s the point
No wonder I am mean

Well here goes, at long last
Oh! Blessed relief!

Ugh, it seems you gorged yourself
On ill-prepared roast beef

Well thank you dear, for that therapy
I needed it in desperation

It’s not like I have a say in the matter
Now flush, silly! I’m choking!

Abhijeet Krishnan