Books for a Lifetime

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I have a bookshelf
Stacked to the ceiling
With books of every kind
And books from every place
Books take me places

To lands I’ve only seen
In ink, black and white
To lands I’ve never seen
Nor will anyone else
For they exist
In the eye of my mind

Yet the books overflow
Spilling out from shelves
This inefficient brain of mine
Can only so few comprehend

My fragile human body
Has a finite time of existence
Before bowing out with head held high
Or low, given all the books unread

I have not time for you all
I have not the energy for you all
Yet I want you all
Every paragraph, page and thought

Therefore, I shall kill you
And take you to my afterlife
For what better heaven can be imagined
Than eternity in a library?

Abhijeet Krishnan