Morning’s Burden

less than 1 minute read

The violent ring
Of the wretched device
Burns through my ears

My eyes creak open
Yet not fully, for the hinges
Are gummed with dust
Mixed with the tears of yesterday

My eyelids weigh down
With Atlas’ burden
Perhaps even greater, for he lacked
This perpetual Siren’s call
Enchanting me to deathly sleep

A thousand thoughts
Flit through my mind
Like so many sparks
From the fires of fear
Half-remembered dreams
Fully remembered worries

My blanket threatens to encase me
In its warm and cotton embrace
I fear the night shall never end
If I give in to its force
I pull the blanket off

The morning air engulfs me
I breathe it in, let it chill my fever
The golden rays streaming through the window
Feed more than just the plants

I wipe my mind clean of sorrow
And welcome the new day
And so, wake up

Abhijeet Krishnan