My Heart of Stone

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My heart of stone
Once cause for mock
Was cold as ice
Was hard as rock

I felt no shame
In being oblivious to love
And desire, longing, heartbreak, heartache
Were emotions I was far above

My statuesque life of rigid brow
Was perturbed, cracked, then shattered
The culprit was a girl I met
At whose beauty even angels scattered

Her looks, her walk, her grace, her charm
Captivated my beginner heart
But her smile, her care, her spirit, her love
Was when Cupid struck his dart

A whirlwind romance followed that morn
Still young as whirlwinds go
Alas, the whirlwind stopped too soon
Cut down by Time’s flow

The jigsaw puzzle of our love
Had almost been near complete
Fate, that treacherous meddler
Flung the pieces miles, not even feet

And while my heart had transmuted
By the Alchemy of her care
From stone to tender flesh
The pain was too much to bear

And so I struggle on each day
Quelling these fears and aches
In the hope that I will meet her
Across the oceans, seas and lakes

And that meeting will be glorious
For sweet is the fruit of patience
I shall battle through each day of separation
Another of my trials and tribulations

Until I see you again

Abhijeet Krishnan