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Escaping the Gloam

1 minute read

Quivering about, the bundle darts this way and that, pressing against the quaint membrane enclosing it, entrapping its energy, yet not enough to pierce the s...

The Last Human

3 minute read

The maid slowly trudged up the stairs leading to her employers’ apartment. The familiarity of the journey left her mind free to wander to her son and his po...

The Curse of Hakuna Matata

5 minute read

Jim Morrison sat in front of the bar, aimlessly stirring the glass of Amarula Cream liqueur in his hand. Its smooth texture and explosion of flavours brought...

drooping rainflower

less than 1 minute read

drooping rainflower stamen hanging loosely from red cradle dried up, falling down the grey road littered with corpses their’s is not the season but come the ...


less than 1 minute read

fire rising up from broken timber the embers glowing red hot raging parents waiting to give birth to destruction