The Long Journey

1 minute read

So long the route from trading floor
to warm and marmalade home.
I book a cab and off I go
into the great unknown.

Well-traveled in this place I am
I instruct my driver’s steer
While browsing mails and catching up
The road ahead seems clear.

We run into some potholes
Along the concrete grey
Admonish here, encourage there
We’re soon back on our way.

I look up from my hand-held black hole
Unfamiliar with the terrain
The driver took a wrong turn, it seems,
I cast out a refrain.

I know not where to go, I say,
He tells me nor does he,
In the amber light of night, we find
Our courage start to flee

I tell him it’s his fault, I say
he should not have made that turn
He counters with you knew the road
yet left me alone to burn

We find our heated argument takes
us nowhere close to home
We swallow pride and fear and ask
for help in midnight gloam

A good Samaritan points out for us
the turns we ought to take
We jump back in and off we go
Riding the tar-covered snake

Though few more misses, a little more heat
mars our perfect drive
We find more people, more directions and help
The driver and I now jive

We reach our destination, thankfully
all in one piece. This frond
of adventure fused my friend and I
into a solid bond

Abhijeet Krishnan