The Morning After

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I wake up with my eyes closed
Yet the baser sensations engulf me
Starting with the soft, velvety warmth
Of my face, buried in the flesh of her bosom

I inhale her scent
From that perfect triangle of air
Into which my head fits perfectly
Like a jigsaw puzzle God created

The scent of vanilla
And fresh garden flowers
And the saltiness of last night’s activities
Lingers in my nostrils

I sense sensations stemming not from my sense organs
Her heat comforts me, shielding me
From man’s intervention against the sun
The softness of her form
Tempts me, and I tighten my fingers involuntarily
To see how deep into her I can plunge them

The basest sensation of them all
The feeling of having the one I love
Sleep beside me, having braved the journey of a thousand miles
And her own physical limitations
All to see me, and be with me
The feeling of having her in my arms
A sensation of fullness, and completeness
That come what may, she is there at my side

I open my eyes
And see her face

Abhijeet Krishnan