The Necessary Knife

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My sister dearest
Piece of my heart
came bearing a wound
that stung and did smart

The wound was deep
She bled tears and raw feeling
without proper care
there would be no healing

I brought out the ointment
of soothing words and caress
Yet the tears never staunched
Making me more, more nervous

I put her on a dose
Of her favourite chocolate
Yet appetite and sane thought
had gone down the toilet

I gave her harsh treatment
a shot of serious talk
It worked; her vitals normalized
before again running amok

Desperate, I saw no option
Other than the knife of reality
I plunged its icy blade into her chest
Trying to wake her from this insanity

She bled out, collapsed and died
I stood in numb terror
My sister dearest, on the floor
Splayed out like a homeless beggar

She awoke, eyes shining fierce
Her sickness was gone, she was birthed anew
Yet on her face was a fiercer glimmer
Perhaps, not the sister dearest I knew.

Abhijeet Krishnan