The Weekend

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It’s Friday, there’s
Not much left to do in
the office. Everyone’s
taking it easy in anticipation of

Saturday. The gang heads out
for some trekking through the woods
surrounding our sleepy town. We
fill our lungs with the air of freedom
and exhale monotony.

We hit the clubs in the night, we
drink more than we ever do and
discard our societal skins. The
parties in the music videos of the
pop songs in the club come to life
in the night. We go to bed buzzed as
fuck, and wake up on

Sunday, with a bad hangover and
an embarrassing photo gallery, and
I don’t want to do anything other than
curl up in my soft sofa with my favourite
book and sip a hot mug of coffee and
listen to my favourite jazz on loop. My
boyfriend calls me to the beach in the
evening for a long walk and I put my
hand in his as we talk endlessly about
nothing and everything and watch the
sunset on our perfect weekend.

Abhijeet Krishnan